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The D&R Canal was built in the 1830's to transport goods and materials between New York and Pennsylvania.  Today, the canal is used primarily for water supply and recreation.  Griggstown Canoe and Kayak Rental is located halfway between the 34 mile Trenton to New Brunswick stretch.  Its the perfect location to enjoy the beauty of this once busy waterway.  With only a slight current, its great for beginners and families.  The more adventurous can try one of our Millstone River D&R Canal Loops.

Whether you paddle for an hour or all day, we have canoes and a variety of kayaks to fit everyone.  The D&R Canal State Park, adjacent to the Canoe Rental, has picnic tables and hiking and bike riding trails.

Important: All participants must sign a Release of Liability Form before renting any watercraft. 
Click here to view and print the Release Form.
Any participant under the age of 18 must have Release Form signed by Parent or Guardian.

Close-by Sites of Interest - Griggstown Farm Market, Blackwells Mills Canal House, Rockingham, Griggstown Grasslands, DNR Canal State Park, Millstone Valley Scenic Byway